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Pre season Wrap up!


(Yes people. Lingerie gridiron. Only in America)

Hello fans and welcome to yet another exciting year of the best sporting game on earth: politics! In this little wrap up I will try and piece together some of the events and goings on during the off season.

Firstly, there seems to be little changes to lines ups from both sides although somewhere out there walks a lonely ex chief of staffer. Some key players have talked to the captain and voiced their concern on the staffer’s ability to go up a notch.

Meanwhile the opposition key players may also be voicing concern. Somehow an email from the Liberals went around declaring that in the interests of the country and via bipartisan good sportsmanship on his part, he is willing to call a cease fire on the flood levy issue. In the same breath, someone then added a link to ask for funding to fight the good fight that he had just called a cease fire for.

We come in peace (shoot to kill).

So what I don’t get is if there is a cease fire, will the Liberal Party return the donations as that campaign has now ended?

And while Tony Abbott and the Liberals can make a drive for donations anytime they like, there is a time and a place for everything. For example, if the web page for donations to Anna Bligh’s premier’s fund for Queensland had a link to the ALP donation page, then this is an example of the wrong place and the wrong time to ask for party donations. Further, some bright spark looked at the figures raised for the mining lobby for its tax fight and thought it a great way to make the party hard needed money.

Now why do the Liberal Party need to go panhandling? Well if you recall fans, late last season it was revealed that the Federal Liberal Party of Australia was technically broke. The party that spent a good deal of the election campaign talking about the ALP’s spending spent all they had and then some. Can you imagine if the same financial geniuses got their hands on the purse strings of the nation!

The PM has been had at work in the pre-season and revealed to the nation a newer hands-free version of herself. I think it makes her stronger when she keeps the hands to a minimum myself. Still during some questions, traces of an old habit rise.

On an international level, the people of Egypt once more hold a street party in honour of their noble leader. It seems Mubarak wants to sign another 5 year contract and has a sponsorship deal with America in the wings, but the people are adamant that the noble leader has done more than enough for them and he can move on to his next project of dying on Egyptian soil.

Elsewhere, there has been a late scratching in Tunsia and there are concerns for team Yemen and team Jordon.

And now conditions for the up coming season.  Hot. Damn hot. Political storms will gather in places where none should be and the weather is bound to be erratic with doses of stupidity. Have a great 2011 all!

I would say may the best side win, but by saying that, it means neither side stands a chance.

A. Ghebranious   2011     (All Rights Reserved)

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  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Welcome to the world of politics it sucks like 57.4 inches of snow.

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