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Barry O’Farrell talks a walk on the wild side.


The NSW Opposition have been playing a game of UNO. It’s the game where you are meant to loose all your cards first. Problem for the NSW Opposition is they have already played all their cards.

The cards he has been playing is simple. Point out how bad your opponent is and talk about how bad their polices are. When asked for their own policies, they will refuse to release them and say that if they do the greens and the ALP will steal them.

Speaking of stealing ideas, when I was in college I had this idea where you go to a music store and you select a number of songs. These would all have a certain price and you when satisfied you can burn the CD. Great idea huh? Of course since then some idiot invented the internet. Al Gore has a lot to answer for.

Where was I? Oh yes ideas!

Anyway Mr O’Farrell has been ruthless in the past few weeks. He helped set up what he called an independent inquiry into the electricity fiasco. He urged the premier to reconvene parliament so those who testify can have immunity. Bazza reckons Kristina is stopping people from attending this inquiry when summoned.

And then all of a sudden, this independent inquiry people turned into a political monster run by (according to Barry) the greens and the ALP. I heard him on the radio this morning. He attacked the summons that has summoned him. He again attacked Kristina for not allowing him immunity. And then he claimed that he had nothing to do with the electricity sell off but out of courtesy will attend the inquiry anyway.

Now when Kristina said exactly they same thing, Bazza blew a gasket! How dare she call the inquiry a political tool for her opponents! This is a legitimate inquiry he cried. A few weeks later, when the same inquiry summons him, it is suddenly political tool for his opponents. He also said that he will turn up and answer questions anyway even though he had nothing to do with the sell off.

Oh where can I get me one of these legitimate inquiries! I mean I would love to run one to talk about quadratic equations, but only summons people who work a Pixar studios as I really like their animation. Maybe also summons some women in skimpy outfits. All legit.

Here is the thing Barry. The inquiry is limited to who it can and can not summons. It can not for example summons Pixar Studios even though some of the electricity generated probably went to their animators.

Barry thinks that he has clean hands. He was not part of the cabinet that put the proposal together he claims. He was not even in the government.

True Barry. But you were an elected member of parliament. When Morris Yemma attempted to sell off electricity way back when, YOU Mr O’Farrell denied the sale from going through claiming that we could make MORE money. That was not true then and it is not true now. NSW missed an opportunity that would have benefited the entire state because you preferred to play party politics.

Good on you. Can not wait to see the first bead of sweat form on your forehead. Yes Mr O’Farrell. You did have a impact on this sell off. Further you have not once revealed your alternative to the sell off but simply said that you can do a better job.

I doubt that Mr O’Farrell. To do a better job, you first need to have an idea about what it is you are doing. And as I pointed out, you have been riding the wave of making fun of the current incumbents, but you have avoided detailing your policy. And when you do reveal a policy it’s a little funny.

For example you claim that public transport in Sydney is terrible. Your solution to improve this is to spend less money on it.

I assume you will then take that $3.8 billion and spend it on important things like consultation fees for big mining companies or something legitimate like that.

Bazza. It’s time to actually get you rather square head out of the round hole you have been keeping it in. It’s time to actually reveal more of your policies.

I wonder what else it will reveal about your party. If the Coalition policies are like the one above, it might be better off if they don’t mention them.

A. Ghebranious      2011   (All Rights Reserved)



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  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    How sad.

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