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Andrew Robb’s Peter to pay Paul.


“The tax is unnecessary,” Mr Robb told The Australian. “It is an opportunistic attempt to fill the coffers.” 

Mr Robb is upset. Last year, prior to the election,  he warned that the Australian dollar may collapse under the ALP. The dollar decided to show Australian’s what a moron Andrew Robb really is. He also mentioned that interest rates are going to go through the roof! He mentioned that on each occasion the Reserve Bank met last year as it does every 6 weeks. Of the 10 or so dire warnings of interest rates rises, the rates rose a whole 2 times out of 10.  Coincidently, it is the score I would give Mr Robb for his performance last year.

Mr Robb does not seem to learn. A levy he claims would be nothing more than a way to make money for the government. Why would Mr Robb say something like this? Well it is not only because he is a moron, but because he is really big moron.

While working as an advisor for John Howard, I believe he played a critical role to introduce a gun levy. The Howard government learned to love levies.  We had one for East Timor although as it worked out it was never needed. We had one for milk. We had one for sugar. We had one for a gun buyback.

But according to Mr Robb, the flood damage in Queensland and Victoria are not worthy of a levy. Mr Robb reckons the government has the money without a levy. All you have to do is cut the fat.

I love that term. When a coalition member says cut fat, they mean fire people.

I am all for that! This is how I would do it. I would suspend all superannuation payments for all politicians and in fact direct them to a fund to aid those affected. I think the politicians would love this idea as they love the country so much! I don’t think John Howard needs a pension. Or Bob Hawke for that matter. All politicians talk about how they get paid a lot, so what do they need super for?

Is that the kind of fat you mean Mr Robb? Or do you mean when you say cut the fat, reduce staffing in departments that will then be understaffed and incapable of handling the requests made of them?

Will Mr Robb order a cut in spending on the troops in Afghanistan opting to not buy rifles and guns and instead ordering sling shots for all.

But as I usually do, I digress.

The point of a levy in this regard is this, and I have made it before. We are a commonwealth nation. When 2/6ths of our country are affected by a disaster, then that has an affect on things like GDP.

Mr Robb says there is plenty in the budget, but refuses to mention just how much an affect on the GDP these floods would have. The idea of course if to make sure that this effect is minimal. And that requires investment. And that requires money.

Now having berated Andrew Robb, I will attempt to talk him up. A large levy can be bad. It means people will spend less money they don’t have and public debt would be reduced.  We can’t have that now can we.

Yes it is possible that a reduction in spending means we get to see more of Harvey Norman talking about how poor he is, but that is a risk I am prepared to take. Yes it is possible that people will start growing their own vegetables in their gardens. They may order food in bulk as opposed to smaller cuts on foam and wrapped in plastics. They may go out less and spend more time with their families. They may consume less and enjoy life more.

No Mr Robb. We definitely can not have that.

I would love to talk to the coalition MP’s of electorates affected by these floods. No they will say! We don’t need a levy at all!

Australia is a country made up of multiple parts. If a part of the country is limping, then the whole country limps.

If it is fine to consider a levy for East Timor, why is it not fine to consider a levy for the country?

A. Ghebranious    2011          (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    what a jerk and oh he might mean long term. UGH!

  2. Maree Curio permalink

    Gee, the number of comments you have attracted suggests you are a real influential heavy hitter.

    Andrew Robb must be shaking in his boots.

    Keep up the good work!!

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