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Hmmmm. I wonder.


I wonder. Wonder I do.

I hear abject cries from left and right. Yes we should help Brisbane and forget the cost.

Yes we should help Brisbane, but we got a surplus to deliver.

Oh please pay for Brissy, but thank you for the great big new tax!

The Coalition have gone off the front foot here. Any levy is a great big new tax.

But the problem here oh Coalition is the benefit of this tax is not the government, but genuine people that have been displaced. By calling it a great big new tax, you risk the ire of the Queensland state that needs this levy. Do so at your own risk Tony. It was Queensland that nearly crowned you. Why do you spit in their face now?

Queensland is in dire need. Calling a levy to aid the state a big new tax is nothing more than political. Further is it bad politics. Such a cry may have been useful at the times of the election, but after a deluge in most of Queensland, it is no longer a tax; it is an obligation.

Our nation was founded on the notion of the common wealth. When one state prospers and another flounders, we support the floundering state with the bounty of the prospering one. Why? Because we are a Common Wealth.

Tony Abbott feels it is not our duty to help the state that is need. This is the same man that will call upon the world common wealth when advocating for the expense of a bullet proof carriage for a foreign head of state. But when calling upon a nation to aid those in need, Mr Abbott thinks Queensland is undeserving of such respect.

Someone should remind Mr Abbott and his entire front bench what the purpose of a marriage is. For good times and bad. The commonwealth is a marriage of states. When one is in need, we as a nation come to its aid.

Mr Abbott claims Queensland and its people are undeserving of that aid. Of that respect.

Mr Abbott claims a levy is a tax. In a way Mr Abbott, it is. It is a payment demanded by a creditor  from a debtor. Except in this case we do not demand anything other than a city’s recovery. We realise that the success of the city of Brisbane reflects directly upon other cities of the common wealth.

This is not a levy Mr Abbott. It is a necessity. The people and the city of Brisbane need our help. Do not make them think this is a levy imposed on the people of Australia as it is not. It is a payment gleefully made to another in need.

For the commonwealth, we promote the strong and protect the weak.

For the commonwealth, we share grief and joy.

For the commonwealth, we help those in need.

I am a citizen.

I am South Australian. I am West Australian. I am a New South Welshman. I am Victorian. I am Tasmanian. I am a Territorian.

I am a Queenslander.

I am an an Australian. This is not a levy. It is an obligation. This is not a tax. It is a duty.

You are in the wrong here Tony. Back away. When in trouble, we not only want to help, we demand that they lean on us.

A. Ghebranious   2011     (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Pip permalink

    Ash, didn’t you know, when it’s Coalition policy it’s a levy, when it’s Labor policy, it’s a Great Big New Tax.
    Only trouble with that is that during the “Howard Years” we had the gun buy-back levy, the Defence-East Timor levy, the sugar and milk levies etc., and the Ansett levy. Tony Abbott is a hypocritical tool.

  2. Pip permalink

    Ooops, I should have mentioned that isn’t from my amamzing memory, but from Cafe Whispers, compliments of Nasking and comments.

  3. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Only thing certin in life are death and taxes Ben Franklin Death the great equalizer taxes no one execept the really rich can afford to pay. Welcome to earth where we humans screwed ourselves into thinking we are in control. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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