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Jet-Lag 2: A holiday is as good as a change.


They say lightning never strikes twice in the same place. People use  this little saying as if it is the gospel truth. The truth is completely the reverse. Lightning not only can strike the same place twice, it often does.

Sometimes what people say is bullshit.

Yesterday Tony Abbott hit the airwaves with a doorstop vigil for the press. He did the usual speeches you expect from elected representatives in regards to the tragedy in Queensland. He also told the cameras that he was going to make sure the government did its job by scrutinising them. What he did not tell people was this scrutiny was going to be at a distance. Probably while sipping a beer. With about 80% lemonade of course.

Today, as more bodies joined the tragic count and Brisbane streets began to fill with water, Tony Abbott went on holidays. Julie Bishop is currently the acting opposition leader. She flew to Brisbane and was out helping with the sandbagging, making lunches and even holding up umbrellas for ABC journalists. I know this cause she said she did as the ABC journalist interviewed her and announced that she was acting opposition leader.

Now here is the thing. A lot of rabid opposition supporters take a dig at Julia Gillard if a tragedy happens and she does not cancel her holidays and get out to the trouble area. Where is she they cried when the tragedy of Christmas Island unfolded. Where is she they cried when the floods began in Queensland. And fair enough too! The nations leader should be visible and out there. But then, so does the opposition leader.

So. Where is Tony? Why continue to take his holiday and hand power over to an adjunct in a moment of national crisis? Does he really hate Queensland so much that he preferred to send an envoy from Western Australia? And was the reason that Tony neglected to mention it when he did his presser was he was suffering from pre-jetlag jetlag?

But the most scary question. If he *was* PM (and that possibility was very likely people) would he be now still on holiday?

I know what some are going to say. He is only the opposition leader. He is not as important as the actual leader. Yet I pointed out that it is vital that the nation’s leader be seen as too the nation’s alternative leader.

Speaking of alternative leaders…

Be careful Julia. Juggle your way over Tony, around Julie, and through Kevin!

A. Ghebranious   2011       (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Matthew Ross permalink

    GDay Old China yep agree but have you read the study of why we dont do dams ? anywayz and have u notice who started the conversation of a tea cup to stop the storm. oh well

    • Oh yes! I did notice that Tony talked up how the dam saved Brisbane and the moment it looked like Brisbane was not saved, he took a quick holiday without notice.

  2. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Great he NJ Governer are friends along with the Mayor Bloomberg of NYC Blizzard 2011 hit and He has the Public schools open in NYC today

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