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Hello all.

Hope you all had fantastic and safe holidays. It’s been taking me a while to get into gear this year. It is not that I have been itching to say things: it’s that usually I like to dose my comments with a healthy dose of cynicism and quite frankly, the most recent news has all been rather tragic.

The current floods in Queensland is in my thoughts. It seems when mother nature turns on you, she turns on you.

But I had to get a post in. See. I just saw a press conference that Tony Abbott had and quite frankly it irked me. The floods are a tragedy and on going and possibly will get worse. So what does the leader of the opposition offer the nation? He plans to watch.

Okay I should be more specific. Mr Abbott plans to scrutinise. He proposes that while a flood is happening and while people are in need and despair, he and the coalition will watch and make sure the government delivers help to the people.

See. What I want to know is why he cant roll up his sleeve, pitch a hand, and then scrutinise later.

A. Ghebranious     2011   (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Catching up permalink

    As he is a proud, volunteer fireman, he could volunteer his services. What he should have said is how everyone involved in the rescue of are doing a wonderful job. . Then, like others, he could admire the courage and goodwill of those who have faced the disastrous floods. It would have been good to hear him say that when the time is right, he is looking forwarded to working with the government to ensure those who have lost everything have the resources to get back on their feet. I cannot remember a time when the parties did not pull together in times of tragedy.

  2. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    So he and Mike Bloomberg are friends. He did nothing when the blizzard 2010 hit NYC.

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