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Getting a bigger slice of the 22/7.


We are the market. We get swayed via commercials and favorable comments. We pick and choose based on personal choice and sometimes out of spite. No I am not talking about a commercial product. I am talking about politics. Okay maybe religion too.

So there I was thinking why none of the political parties used the old ‘honest’ approach. Let me explain. You go to store and ask for a product and the sales person there looks left and then right and then whispers to you that you should go to this other store instead. They have what you are looking for and at a much cheaper price.

Wow you think! How honest was that? You go to the other store and buy your product but because you got great service the last time, you go back to the original store first when you need something else. Sure, you can’t seem to spot the original sales person and for all you know they have been fired, but you go anyway.

And that is when I realised that the parties do exactly that. But in the process of attempting to appear honest, someone hung a great big ‘dis’ at the front of the word.

When parties roll out ex-leaders at campaigns, the message is ‘Hey! Stupid public! Remember this salesperson that no longer works at the shop? You believed them once right? You trusted them right? Well if you vote for us, maybe we will take them out of the closet and they will lead the party. No only kidding. Actually we are all exactly the same genetically and think alike because we have a hive like mind.’

Yet, THAT, is exactly what they do.

And we stupidly fall for it day in day out, election after election.

No Australia. Because Bob Hawke is on the campaign tour does not mean the new leader of his party thinks exactly like Bob. Hell, I don’t think Bob thinks like Bob anymore. Same when the other brand tout out John Howard. A Coalition vote will not ensure his position in heaven and nor will it return him to party leadership.

So why do the parties do this crap? More so why do we fall for it?

There is something about ‘franchise’ tactics like this. And it can be successful! For example Dick Smith got rich by franchising his brand. McDonald’s does this as does a load of fast food like operations.

Which leads me to my lead video pick. A certain Domino’s store in Quakers Hill in Sydney’s west was charged over $100,000 in fines for its atrocious health problems.

Dominos fined over cockroaches, bad hygiene

A Dominos pizza shop in Sydney’s west has been described as having committed one of the worst breaches of food safety and hygiene in New South Wales.

The store in Quakers Hill has been fined almost $120,000 after investigations by the state’s Food Authority, following reports from customers who suffered food poisoning.


Ahh Cockroaches and a phone.

The story goes on to get a comment from the primary industries minister. But what it does not seem to do is get a comment from Domino’s head office. See the thing about running a franchise is you send someone on a regular basis to pass through and make sure the franchisee is doing the right thing. If they do not, then the Domino’s brand itself is at stake. It seems that Domino’s HQ is avoiding the bad news and letting the NSW government wear it instead. I also thought it an interesting harbinger that the above story came out the day John Brumby’s government fell like a stack of dominoes.

On a totally unrelated note, it seems that the price of rock lobsters ‘may’ fall just in time for Christmas. Of course you will have to go catch them yourself as the industry refuse to do so for anything under $30 a kilo despite the fact that they have lost a major market. Bring your matching towels everybody and see ya at the beach!

Another story that piqued my interest was the case of a Queensland Pilot called Fred Martens who was charged and convicted of raping a girl in Papa New Guinea in 2001. He denied it, as you do, but was still convicted in October 2006 and sentenced to five and half years in jail. I know what you are thinking! Pedophiles and rapist pedophiles should get life right? Problem though in this case is this man WAS innocent. Supposedly Fred had flown the girl in question to Papa new Guinea where he raped her. Flight records on the other hand indicate that he was not the pilot. He spent two and a half years in jail and in November 2009 was full acquitted and released.

Now despite the fact that the government in 2006 was a Coalition one, Mr Martens is suing the commonwealth government today.

Pilot lodging $45m claim over ‘false’ child rape case

Queensland pilot Fred Martens, who was jailed but later cleared for child rape, is to lodge a claim in the state’s Supreme Court today, suing the Federal Government for $45 million.

Mr Martens, from far north Queensland, spent more than two-and-a-half years in jail for child sex offences, but the conviction was quashed on appeal a year ago.

He had been accused of flying a teenager to Port Moresby and raping her in 2001 but flight records later showed the flight never took place.

The Court of Appeal has criticised the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for denying the records existed.


Well done AFP! And there lies the problem. We may elect officials and they may elect to take people to trial, but after those people leave, the HQ is the one that is left holding the bag. Speaking of bags and bagging people, lets move on to WikiLeaks! Now you would think that this would be manna from heaven for the current ALP government. Anything that embarrasses the Coalition is a good thing right? Umm. No.

The Attorney-General has called, ironically, the AFP in to investigate the so called Wiki ‘Cablegate’ leaks. So far the most embarrassing leak in regards to Australia is we are a rock solid US ally but pretty much influential. However apparently there are more on the way with 1000 from the John Howard era in regards to the war on Iraq. Kevin Rudd has issued a stern request that the media think about the consequences the leaks may have before publishing them. Why? Because the brand at stake here is not just ALP or L-NP. It’s Australia. And that’s the brand up for risk here. Sure for us, we can dissect who said what when here, but for the rest of the world, all they see is Australia.

I began this post talking about brands and pies and lies.

There was an interview this morning on ABCNEWS24 that caught my attention. Kim Wells, the Victorian treasurer elect, was on the telly talking about politics and stuff. He was questioned about the Victorian economy and he kept referring to the ‘waste’. He highlighted that the cost benefit analysis for the Desal and the public transport system obviously were not done right. You guys are still with me right? This is linked to the NBN! Remember the call for the cost benefit analysis for the NBN Malcolm Turnbull? Well apparently you can now have cost benefit analyses that are done right and some that are done wrong. Maybe we need a cost benefit analysis of the cost benefit analysis.

Where was I. Oh yes. Mr Wells. Some claim that Mr Wells kept a deliberate low profile during the campaign: a lesson the Liberal Party learnt from the Federal campaign where Andrew Robb and Joe Hockey seemed to be at every press conference. The lesson I suppose is if you do not have your treasurer to be near the camera, then you will not be asked about your costings.  Mr Wells continued in the interview to mention how he did not trust the treasury at all and he was not going to send his costings to them! Sure the accounting firm that ended up doing the costings is lead by a very good coffee buddy of Mr Wells, but that apparently had nothing to do with his choice of them as his adder uppers.

Virgina Trioli asked Mr Wells if he would admit that the Victorian economy was in a good state. He dodged the answer by talking about one of Tony Abbott’s favorite lines: that is there is a lot of waste. As I mentioned he claimed that the cost benefit analysis for the Desal project and the Myki project have been done incorrectly and the FIRST thing he was going to do to help end the waste was waste more money by doing another set of cost benefit analysis on the projects!


So Virginia asks what he has in mind. Wells then says that the first thing he is going to do is send the cost benefit analysis to the treasury to be done properly.


Let me just go over this with you one more time shall I?

Mr Wells who explicitly says over and over that he does not trust treasury (oh BTW, does that line sound familiar to you?) and that is why he did not let them do the Coalition costings is now going to get the treasury to do this new lot of cost benefit analysis studies. I wonder if his mate from that group that did his costings will get a job?

Somewhere, between Brand A and Brand B and Brand X – somewhere between the AFP investigations and the lack of investigations – somewhere between cockroach laced pizza and that new extra crunchy crust MUST lie the truth.

It’s a pity that it will never come from a politician without a lawyers consent.

A. Ghebranious          2010               All Rights Reserved

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