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Carbon Pricing: The New Frontier


Bob Barker is not going to save Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott. If either flip flop on this issue, then there will be no electronic piano with a floppy drive for you.

If you have not caught the signals by both Julia and Tony in this last session of parliament then you obviously live in a bubble. The war plans by both leaders are being drafted. The generals are being called and there will be lines drawn in the sand. Of course the good thing about drawing lines in the sand is it is easy to smudge them out and draw new ones.

Already we have seen this with Julia Gillard who made a claim of no Carbon Tax during the election campaign only to be outed when the votes came in. She dodged it deftly though as while a Carbon Tax proposal maybe on the table, it is clear she is not looking at picking it up.

It could have been a fatal mistake as Tony Abbott made a very big thing about how it would hurt business in Australia, especially the mining industry until Marius Kloppers, the CEO of one of Australia’s biggest mining business thought it was time Australia did have a Carbon Price mechanism.  Since Marius outed himself, several other business groups have joined his call.

This puts Mr Abbott in an unenviable position. More so now the Australian public seem to think that Tony’s position on policy is to just say no.  By the way Tony, how is your adopted son these days?

So what do we have on the tables ladies and gentlemen? Well there is option

(a) do not do anything.

(b) say you are going to do something but you need more time thereby actually doing nothing but not looking like you did nothing.

(c) avoid the issue totally thereby not actually committing yourself to option (b) and still managing to implement option (a).

(d) actually do something.

(e) wait till Rupert Murdoch tells you what to do which is a combination of options (c) and (b) to start but primarily it is option (a) for now.

The current linchpin in the coalition argument is we have to wait to see what the rest of the world does. This seems to go against their other plan to make Australia a world leader in the stuff that does not cost them votes such as terry towelling hats and being able to read without mouthing out the words.

The ALP’s problem is Julia does not want to appear like a school teacher and drag us kicking and screaming to something unless we want to be dragged kicking and screaming to it.

And there is the battle line. One side wants to remind us of how abstinence is close to godliness and the other wants to appear as if it is doing something but is prepared to wait to find out if the public actually want things done by have a committee that will steer it to the stage where it can make a decision one way or another. Phew!

Leadership is an interesting game is it not? Maybe Julia and Tony can do with a refresher course.

What a load of cliche that was! Sure you can use some slipped into a speech but you can be pretty sure it wont work on Australians. You try that shit on us and we will become a anarcho-syndicalist commune!

A. Ghebranious   2010               All Rights Reserved

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Good luck with that.

  2. one can argue that it can go both ways

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