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Ethics behind banning of School Ethics


The problem with this country is there is a divide between religion and state. You can see this divide every day in parliaments across the country when they all start the day by reading the Lord’s prayer. I presume they need this as they are about to crucify each other.

The NSW Coalition has decided that they need as much help to win the upcoming election as they can get. So they are playing the ‘god’ card.

School ethics classes appear doomed at final hurdle


November 24, 2010

THE state government’s plans to introduce ethics classes into primary schools are in disarray after the Coalition announced it would not support them as an alternative to scripture if it wins power next year.

”While the NSW Liberals and Nationals understand the importance of ethics we do not believe it should be positioned as an alternative to special religious education,” the opposition education spokesman, Adrian Piccoli, said.

”We don’t think that students should have to choose between special religious education … and ethics classes.”


I am a little confused about this stance. Well not really. Obviously they are kowtowing(thanks Ben :)) to the Christian lobby. Remember, we do not live in a country that is sectarian at all! That’s strictly for the weirdos that pray to allah! No. We have no link whatsoever between church and state!

Yeah, whatever.

The thing I do not understand about all this is religious studies, especially the ones that bash you with a bible, are supposed to be about ethics. It is presumably the teachings of right and wrong with a strong dose of Mathew Mark Luke and John: the original beatles. So to see the state opposition claiming that non bible bashing ethics is unethical has me all in a stir.

Their argument is those getting their heads bashed in with a bible would be missing out on ethics. In other words, religious studies is somehow ethics free. What rot.

Ethics is defined as :

Ethics (also known as moral philosophy) is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality—that is, concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vicejustice, etc.


And that is the problem for this so called Christian lobby. They believe they have a monopoly on this business and they are determined to fight for their right to party.

The Liberal and National parties in NSW seems to be under the belief that competition in this country is a bad thing. They rather see some children who choose to not attend the bible bashing classes to remain void of ethical teaching then to have them attend a class that would provide competition to their biggest financial supporter. Spiritual finance of course. Okay. Maybe a sprinkling of cash.

You would think that the ethical thing to do is to provide ethics classes to those who prefer their ethics heavy on the right and wrong but without the religious oniony center. This claim that those who do attend religious classes would somehow be missing out on something is an interesting stance as they then have no problems running religious teachings that are designed to be ethical in nature.

Responding, Mr Piccoli said that if the Coalition won the election in March, as the polls indicate it will, it would not support the classes.

”If there is a need to build on the existing teaching of values and ethics then it should be through the curriculum or a course offered to all students, not just those of parents who do not wish their children to undertake scripture,” he said

How dare they! How dare they provide teaching of values and ethics in a curriculum! By the way, religious studies is – get this curriculum fans – non compulsory and not exam-able. So why is it in the curriculum? Why for ethical studies of course! Right so why not then run a course that caters for those that do not want to be subjected to religious dogma? Why then those in the religious classes will be missing out on stuff. Stuff like what Mr Piccoli? Why ethics of course.

It is clear what needs to be done here. Scrap religious classes. Replace them with ethical classes that no parent can then say I will not let my child do this as it is against their religious or lack thereof beliefs. THEN you have a course that is UNIVERSAL. All students attend it. You can get people from ALL religious groups to come in and do guest speaking or even partake of debates. You can actually then make the class exam-able if you wish to. But the one thing you have is a child in such a class no matter where in the state will be subject to the exact same course and exact same curriculum as a child anywhere else.

See this is not a case of competition. It is a concern that the Christian right lobby loses its chance to force its teaching down the throats of children.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is totally unethical. In fact, its robot thinking.


A. Ghebranious     2010       All Rights Reserved


  1. Catching up permalink

    Has there been any research into the quality and value of the scripture classes. My impressions gain many years ago, was that most left much to be desired. Bible stories can be read just as well by parents at home. What has happened to children going to Sunday School. This is 2010 not 1888.

  2. Ben permalink

    Sorry to be a language Nazi: might be what you meant.

    Great article. Religion, like philosophy without the questions.

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