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THE BIG SLEEP remains wide awake.


I had the great pleasure this weekend to re-acquaint myself with an old friend.  It has been a long time since we had met. The last time was years ago when I was still in my pubescent early 20’s. Your early 20’s is an awkward age. You tend to have high ideals and little respect for opinions older than yours, unless they are related to your ideals of course. And you tend to still have a count of how many sexual partners you have.

An awkward time indeed.

Now, double that age, I again crossed paths with this old friend. I was surprised at how much living I had to do to understand what they were telling me.

The old friend I am talking about is not a person as such. It was a film. A film were I found myself captivated by the power of words and the art of film making. It left me exuberant and despondent all at the same time.

It seems while the movie industry itself has thrived, somewhere along the way, it had lost its ability to convey the power of the word. Actually, I don’t think that’s altogether true as there are some great written films out there.

I think what we have lost is the ability to catch this kind of verbal slinging match. We have been convinced that special effects are more important than special words. What a pity.

The dialogue in this small sample is fast and paced. It hits you like no special effect could ever do. You are barely comprehending what you have just been subjected too before it hits you again and again and again.

I was amazed by the intensity of the experience. I was engrossed in the characters and immersed in a story that is still as timeless and gritty and powerful.

Sure it has it’s fair share of cheese and film acting still struggled in parts with demonstrating an emotion rather than the actor being in the emotion. But that did not take away from it one iota.

I guess you are wondering about now how I intend to fit some Monty Python into this blog? After all, I have been remiss of late.

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