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This is what you want. This is what you get


This is what you want

This is what you get

(Ladies above from a meeting at Northam in 2010. Story link here)

Are you happy yet Mr Tony Abbott? Are you happy yet Mr Scott Morrison. You keep saying you are not racist, and you continue to inspire it with your rhetoric. You keep inspiring hate from people. You keep inspiring people to go over the edge. Do you seriously think you can stop this when it starts to sour? Will you accept the responsibility of the hate you created?

When are you going to learn that what you say and how you say it creates reactions you may not have wished for? Just because you did not want those reactions does not in any way disown you from creating it.

One day soon Mr Abbott and Mr Morrison, some moron is going to be inspired to reprehensible actions. Your may wash you hands of the actions, but I want you to know that your hands are now and will always be filthy.

In you eagerness to climb into the seats of power, you vilify and inspire others to hate. You can not stop the boats. They are launched from other countries that we have no jurisdiction over. You think your policies stopped the boats? They did not. What stopped the boats you ask? Let me remind you.

2001:   In 2001 there were 51 boats and 5,516 irregular arrivals

Late that year, the US sent ships into the middle east. In fact they invaded Afghanistan. The ships acted as eyes and ears in the area. When the troops moved in they seized the borders and effectively reduced the number of people the people smugglers could smuggle in. This had very little to do with temporary visas.

2002:    The Bali Bombings

The bombings, horrific though they were, attracted to Indonesia the scrutiny of the USA’s CIA and FBI as well as our own AFP. This basically made it very hard for people smugglers to ply their trade from Indonesia. Towards the middle of 2004 the scrutiny had eased off and the boats began again. Until…

2004:     The Boxing day Tsunami

This natural disaster again curtailed the people smuggling trade. The US sent a air craft carrier into the region with radar capabilities that made it hard for the boat smugglers to launch. Added to that was the fear of the people being smuggled to go to sea.

2005-2006:    Return of the eye in the sky.

Satellite technology that had been predominantly swallowed by the Iraq War was used to spot ships. There was even cases of Indonesia themselves turning back some of the boats. So what did the people smugglers do? Launch smaller craft. And this put the lives of the people arriving here at greater risk. It was enough for John Howard to curtail his temporary visa policy as DESPITE IT, the boats kept coming and people were willing to risk it all to get their family to safer shores.

From 2007:      War returns to Afghanistan and  conflict in Sri Lanka heats up

This gave the smugglers back their product.

Till 2010 where

116 boats have bought in 5,516 people to our shores

So tell me again how liberal party policy helped stop the boats.

This is what you want

This is what you get

This is what you want

This is what you get

A. Ghebranious   2010           All Rights Reserved

  1. Catching up permalink

    Do not forget the boat that sunk, taking a few hundred lives including a large number of women and children. That made the cost too high to make the journey.
    You are wrong about Mr. Abbott. This is the outcome would make him proud. That man has no concept of what any of his actions cause. To make it worse, he is incapable of caring.
    He is only interest is winning. He has no idea what he would do if he did get to be PM, which he sees as the prize.

  2. Great article Ash.
    Did you also know that Abbott & Morrison’s line about Labors policies giving asylum seekers “hope”, that line came from Schindlers List, when Ralph Fiennes character, the Nazi death camp commander, joked with Schindler about how “cruel” Schindler was to give the Jews hope.

    Interesting that Libs would use the line coming from of one of the cruelest, most racist characters in cinema history as part of their campaign….


  3. NormanK permalink

    Thanks for a great piece.
    Add Alan Jones and his ilk to the list of irresponsible fools feeding this fire.
    The smile on the face of the “Sink their boats” T-shirt is as chilling as anything I’ve seen.
    “Aren’t I clever? I got the spelling right. Hi Mum!”

  4. It’s no surprise to see these disgusting images and Alan Jones’s name on the same page. The disgusting man encourages this sort of hatred.

  5. I may disagree with much you say.
    But on this post, I don’t.

    I will note though my surprise that the two daft bints in the second photo spelled their graffiti correctly – and that surprised me.

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