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Shoe are you? Who shoe? Shoe who?


What do you get when you combine an alleged slimy ex PM, an alleged terrorist, and an an alleged lofted shoe or two? Gripping TV that’s what. And so say all the tweets.

You got to love a Spike Milligan cameo! Rest in peace Spike. Comedy is in good hands.

Now where was I?

Oh yes! Q and A! What a brilliant show.


We have a really big 'shoe' for you kids tonight!


But please people, leave your shoes on your feet. Symbolism is for artists and poets.

John Howard got some world trending last night on twitter. But he demonstrated that history is in the eye of the book holder. He faced many a question, and in many if not all cases the question had barely being asked before he had his mouth open. There is a saying that someone who is quick to speak, is usually slow to think.

He faced many questions and parried them off with little disregard to actually answering any. One video question came from David Hicks who asked Mr Howard why he was kept for 5 years in Guantanamo Bay and why he had to plea guilty before he was released.

Mr Howard dodged the question with aplomb. He took great emphasis in highlighting that Hicks was found guilty of ‘serious’ crimes, but did not explain why if these crimes where so serious, he was released into the community.

According to Mr Howard, Hicks training with the Taliban was a sign of his criminality. Yet the Australian forces in Afghanistan have been fighting alongside Taliban forces for years now. See there are Taliban, and there are Taliban: something that is not explained clearly to many in the public as apparently this will only confuse us poor dim-witted sheep who are only needed once every three years to scrawl a number or two in a box.

Further the enemy was never the Taliban. It was Al Qaeda and the influence they had over some Taliban leaders. But that is neither here or there. All that mattered to John Winston Howard was he was not going to say sorry. And Hick’s imprisonment allowed him to highlight the ‘threat to the nation’ and for him to risk the lives of others in his little war effort. An effort that resulted in 1 million dead and millions more displaced. He basically created the people smuggler trade.

Of course he did not take credit for this and avoided taking credit for anything bad his government did. He did however took the glory for anything that was perceived as good.

He side-stepped the “SORRY” issue claiming he was not going to say sorry for something he did not do. But at the same time, he did not say sorry for the ‘Baby overboard’ fiasco either, even though his dirty little fingers were all over it.

And then there was this.

Frankly I was appalled by the behaviour of the shoe thrower. We live in a democracy where one can have their say and this does not have to mean shoe throwing. Or in this case pair of shoe throwing. We are Australians. Bloody Australians for god’s sake! Sure we have points of differences (just ask Andrew Robb and Joe Hockey), but we are smart enough and big enough to be able to express ourselves without long haired hippies hurling shoes.

Likewise ladies, do not in the future paint your breasts for peace or war. Well maybe if it’s a good cause. Go you bears!

But no butt painting! None. Ever. Never ever!

And can we please leave the book burnings to Nazi Germany and religious nuts in America?

Thank you.

A. Ghebranious     2010             All Rights Reserved

  1. Well said!

    It was classic Howard to try and imply that those sticking up for David Hicks made him out to be some kind of hero. What utter nonsense! David Hicks was charged with a crime that didn’t exist, committed in a country where there was no jurisdiction and tried on an island with no laws. Since when do we stand for that, no matter how good or bad the person is? By rights, David Hicks should have been a prisoner of war, but to be given POW status would mean granting his rights under the Geneva convention. That’s why the facility was built at Guantanamo in the first place; US law does not apply there – they can do what they want. And it’s disputed territory.

    The idea of throwing shoes can be traced back to twitter. Some twitter jokes should remain just that. I felt a moment of “Wow! He actually did it!” which quickly became, “What a dick!” That’s not how to get a point across and one thing is for sure – he was not arrested, beaten and jailed for 6 months.

  2. limewire is perfect

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