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Sherlock (fan fiction) – Unpublished Blog entries of Dr Watson


MAY 29th

Sherlock is in a strange mood. It must have something to do with that scene at the pool last week. Must be hard to face an arch enemy. Going to spend the weekend with Sarah and get out of his hair.

MAY 31st

I came home late tonight and Mrs Hudson’s face told me more than I needed to know but she told me anyway.

Sherlock it seems is at it again terrorising the poor woman. She tells me he has not been eating or even letting her make something for him. It took her a while to work up to it, but he even screamed at her. I’ve known Sherlock to do some stupid things since I’ve known him, but been uncivil to a woman is not one of them. I promised to talk to him in the morning. She may not say it, but she has a deep affection for the man. I just wish she would stop saying ‘your friend’ the way she does. It makes me nervous.

Maybe I need to invite Sarah over more often.

MAY 31st

Scratch that last thought. I like Sarah a lot. Don’t need to destroy my chances by having her in the same building as Sherlock. He attracts trouble like a magnet.

JUNE 1st

I am very concerned about Sherlock. We had a row of some proportion today.

I let myself into his room and he was livid when I did. He was hiding something he had stashed underneath him but I could not tell what as he has drawn the curtains closed in all the rooms. He had a single lamp on in the room and was sitting in the dark. Looks like he has not shaved or bathed or slept.

I started to reproach him about his behaviour to Mrs Hudson and he gave me one of those smirks of his and then he promised to be on his best behaviour if I would ‘get the hell out’.  I offered to fetch him the papers and he declined. His TV was unplugged and I noticed his phone was turned off.

When I started to talk to him about what was troubling him he just picked up that damn violin and made it squeal an awful crescendo. I noticed it got louder whenever I mentioned Moriarity. He is not even interested in any of his experiments and quite frankly he is starting to piss me off.

Luckily I had clinic duty and escaped his madness.

JUNE 2nd

Sherlock has locked his door and refuses to come out or let anyone in. I talked to Sarah about it all and even she was a little worried. I may have to take drastic measures.

June 3rd

There was a loud thump from Sherlock’s room in the middle of the night. I got to the bottom of the staircase as Mrs Hudson had arrived at the top, both awakened by it. I knocked but there was no answer. Mrs Hudson fetched her spare keys and let me in.

Sherlock was lying on the middle of the floor along with a syringe. Luckily Mrs Hudson had not seen it and I managed to convince her that I would be able to take care of things on my own and perhaps if she can make us a cup of tea it would be lovely. I ushered her away and took the spare key out of the lock and let myself in locking the door behind me.

Morphine. He wasn’t taking nicotine patches at all. He was using them to mask his needle marks.

I picked him up an laid him in his bed and cleaned up the room before Mrs Hudson could see anything and unlocked the door. At least he was breathing.

Damn fool!

JUNE 4th

I had gone upstairs to call Sarah to tell her I wasn’t coming in today when I heard the violin playing again. He was awake. But that was not the disturbing part. His playing. It was beautiful. How strange it was to hear it. It seems that his playing improves dramatically when he is high.

Mrs Hudson noticed it too. I asked her to prepare something for him to eat and took it into his room. He didn’t even register my presence. He just stood there in the darkness playing. I laid the tray down for him and when he had stopped, he looked at me. He knew I knew his secret. Such a look. I didn’t say a word. I couldn’t.  I didn’t need to.  He stepped forward to look at the tray. The light of the hallway half hit his face. I swear I could see a tear. I retreated.

JUNE 5th

Went and saw Mycroft. I had to. I didn’t tell him about the morphine. I probably didn’t need to. He questioned me about James Moriarity and the pool incident. I had not meant to tell him anything, but these Holmes brothers have a unique way of finding out things. He seemed greatly concerned and advised me to stay close to him. At one stage he crossed to his CD player and picked and put on disc and he started to play it as we continued to talk. It was the piece that Sherlock was playing so beautifully. I was stunned and when he saw my face he too started to shed a tear.

I found out that this was Bach ‘s Chaconne for Solo Violin.

I found a copy of it on the net.

He told me to not under any circumstance try and bring a case to him. When the time was right, he said, his brother would come back to the world.

I asked him if there was anything I could do and he smiled at me. “Dr Watson,” he said, “you have experience in the harm men do to one another. You have little experience in the harm men do to themselves.”

I was a little insulted but as I was about to leave he stopped me and said, “John. Thank you. Be there for him.”

I assured him I would.

JUNE 6th

Lestrade called. Holmes refused to take it. We haven’t talked about the syringe.

JUNE 7th

Lestrade called again. Holmes still in his darkened world. I offered to help Lestrade myself and I swear I heard him start to laugh a little before politely telling me it was okay. How rude!

JUNE 8th

Mrs Hudson still leaving trays outside Sherlock’s door and in the morning the tray is empty. At least he is eating. His violin playing still haunts us to sleep at night.

JUNE 9th

I knew it! His homeless network! He is using them to supply him with the morphine. I gave that girl a talking to and told her to stop doing so. She looked at me with a strange look and said “I can’t say no to him Dr Watson. He gets like this sometimes. It will pass.”

I questioned her about how often these moods happen and how long do they last. She didn’t come out and say it, but this seemed to be longer than usual for him. I asked her to at least keep me aware and she said she would.

Holmes does not know it, but many people care for him. Pity he does not care for himself.

JUNE 9th

He was playing his violin again last night. It sounded terrible!

JUNE 10th

Glorious day! I woke to Sherlock looking down on me. ON ME! He appeared clear eyed and a little worse for wear sleep wise, but he had dressed and was playing with his phone.

“About time Watson. Enough of this dilly dallying. Lestrade needs us.”

And with that he was back.

JUNE 11th

I haven’t been able to talk to Sherlock about the events of the last fortnight and he does not really want to taking every opportunity to turn the conversation around on me. But I think I understand what was going through his mind.

Moriarity poses a huge threat to him. If he continues with his work, then Moriarity will continue to kill innocent people. It is a huge weight on his shoulders I think.

And his work is his life. Let’s hope it will not be the death of him also.

I don’t think I will publish any of these. I just needed to talk to someone.

A. Ghebranious   2010     All Rights Reserved.

(based on the characters created by Arthur Conan Doyle and the life brought to them by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss)

  1. Nice statement! These considerations make me think! Keep on writing!

  2. James permalink

    Great blog. I could see them both clearly come to life before my mind’s eye. Especially loved the entrances for June 1, 7 & 10. Please write more!

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