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Morgan Gallop Honk


Honk if you’re horny!

Honk if you’re smiling!

Honk if you’re good in bed!

And now…

Honk if you are against refugees!

In Adelaide, Jason Om reports.

JASON OM: Woodside is a tranquil setting for what’s shaping up to be an ugly debate.

Already a banner has gone up on the way to the town saying “No Refugees – Honk If You Agree.”

RORY HARRISON: In the last 45 minutes I’ve had 64 people honk their horn. And like I explained to you a couple of minutes ago not everyone’s had a positive result. I’ve had people call me names and I’ve had people give me what’s known as the bird.

JASON OM: Rory Harrison has spray-painted the words on a blue tarpaulin and pinned it across his four wheel drive.

He says the townspeople have not been consulted.


I so wanted to have some video of this.  There was this ‘bloke’ and he was in front of his 4-wd and as people passed he recorded those that honked. He did not however record the number of times no one honked. And many many cars went by without honking.

Now that’s what I call a fair poll!!

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