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“When Chris Pyne says Kumbaya, I taste a little vomit in my mouth”


So said Marieke Hardy in a blog on ABC’s The Drum that got a lot of press when it was pulled off the website.

But I now know why she said it.

Already I’ve seen a similar sentiment on twitter and other social media sites from right wingers openingly calling themselves the Australian Tea Party.

We have even heard a similar sentiment from Tony Abbott in his speeches and it was echoed by Joe Hockey.

First Tony:

Mr Abbott told a crowd of party faithful at Sydney’s Wentworth Hotel shortly before midnight: “What is clear from tonight is that the Labor Party has definitely lost its majority and what that means is that the government has lost its legitimacy.”


And then Joe followed:

“We will be a vigilant, progressive and ferocious opposition,” he said.

“This is an illegitimate government… that is inherently unstable.

“I can’t see how it is going to survive, but we will be stand ready to be a stable, reliable, trustworthy alternative government and we will step up to the plate when the opportunity comes.”


And we have all heard Christopher Pyne mention Kumbaya on several occasions.

“The Government needs to be held to account … this will not be a parliament where all of history is turned on its head and we all sit around smoking the peace pipe and singing Kumbaya.”


Now there are two schools of thought here.

Either the Liberal Party are incompetent and lead and advised by Homer Simpson like faceless men (something I do not believe by the way)


They know exactly what they are doing.

So where am I going with this? Let me be absolutely clear here. I am not accusing anyone of racism. At least not to the level written about by Keka in her blog

But I am thinking that the Liberal Party do want to incite the  radical right in Australia. White men with guns perhaps? The Liberal Party’s Don Randall said this in his speech.

As I say, we are only one death, one desertion or one sickness away from having the ability to change the composition of this House, and we will be doing our best to hold this government to account.


You choose. Are these just simple coincidences? Or is there a darker side to the Liberal Party strategy? And why was it important to have Tony Abbott pictured firing a rifle?

A white man with a gun?

I so so hope that this is just a coincidence and the Liberal Party advisers are just idiots. Because if not; if these words and pictures were chosen carefully, then… no I don’t even want to think about that possibility.

Here is hoping they are idiots.

I know this post will get a lot of flack and I may even be told to remove it. But if it makes you think, then that is all I ask.


A. Ghebranious   2010        All Rights Reserved



  1. HillbillySkeleton permalink

    What about the fact that Tony Abbott is inciting the troops in Afghanistan to be insubordinate and sign a petition supporting the dropping of charges against the 3 Australian Army personnel charged with Murder in Afghanistan? Ignoring the Rule of Law was one of George W.Bush’s preoccupations. I fear Tony Abbott would be no less inclined to do so should he rule the country. And I use the word ‘Rule’ on purpose.
    Not only that but there is now a concerted campaign by the powerful media interests in this country to delegitimise bloggers, such as yourself and Grog, etc. It’s war on civil society on all fronts.
    Fight the Power, Ash.

  2. CALLIGULA permalink

    I wrote it somewhere a little closer back to election night after hearing the politically conservative faithful chanting away back at the campaign bunker.
    The others here at home were as impressed as was I.
    There was TA giving a speech to his ‘fellow Australians’ (which meant somewhat over 50% of us were sweating, shivering and coming close to puking – displaying the same symptoms we were).

    Now, don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t his WORDS producing the reaction since his posture of provisional victory was counter to the results and trends I was reading on the official electoral commission’s pages.
    It wasn’t even the reaction of his peanut rush to his words – since they obviously couldn’t hear his words over the racket they were making.

    Nope – what was making our flesh crawl was partly the smug overweening confidence of the man; but overwhelmingly disturbing was the chanting – TO-ny, TO-ny, TO-ny – so reminiscent of the guttural bellowing of support for another dangerous risk-taking carpet-chewer of past history – A-dolph, A-dolph, A-dolph !

    While I can accept that a little levity on election night might be in order, I’m of the opinion I could hear in those voices the souls of those doing the bellowing.
    Indeed they’re probably the same lot who send along such stuff as – “That ConLib economics policy in full; “We’re filthy rich, so sod the rest of you!””

    As to the pikkie of Mr. Abbott plinking away with the Steyr; a couple of ways of assessing that –
    Firstly, Oz-citizens aren’t allowed to play with such kit – not even the semi-auto civilian job.
    Could he be hinting to the select that things might change (only for his select, of course) when he becomes Fuhrer?
    Or is he giving visual proof that he has as much regard for that aspect of law as he does for his own word and signature on binding documents?
    Or has he simply lost the plot?

    It would be easy to assume that TA went to Afghanistan in order ‘to come to some understanding’ with our ‘Officer Class’.
    Mein Fuhrer, sie sind der grosste feldherr aller Zeiten – said General Keitel to AH.
    Which does no more than prove that even sober sided pragmatists go into lickspittle mode when they’re talking to the fruitcake who has their pension plan stashed away in his hip pocket.
    But sorry, I reckon our people of Star Rank are a cut well above that sort of thing – amply demonstrated today by their public statements defining their insistence on maintaining justice and the rule of law.

  3. This is a great post and may be one to be followed up to see what happens

    A mate e-mailed this link the other day and I am eagerly waiting your next blog post. Continue on the quality work.

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