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It’s a case of…. Believe it or not!



Tony Abbott fires a Steyr assault rifle in Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan. Picture: Gary Ramage Source: The Australian. I like to call this photo, "Tony plays bang bang".

I was at the pub the other day and I overheard a conversation between two punters.

One was talking about the horse he had betted heavily on and lost. The other was admonishing him. I’ve taken the liberty of changing the dialogue to remove some of their more colourful language as well as modify some of their colloquialisms.

I say! What a total error on my part! I would have sworn the lovely jockey would have been able to take that fabulous horse and have a awesome victory!

Oh Charles! You made the shockingly awful mistake old man!

What mistake was that George you very fine friend of mine?

Oh Charlie you loveable dofus! You forgot to look at form!

Now I had to leave George and Charlie about then as their language began to even offend me. But I was reminded of a statement made by Bob Hawke during the election campaign.

“The question is this: when you are about to make an investment decision, let’s say purchasing a motor car or investing on a horse – I used to do it myself – what do you do before you make the investment? You study form.”

The definition of form is clear.



a. The shape and structure of an object.

b. The body or outward appearance of a person or an animal considered separately from the face or head; figure.


a. The essence of something.

b. The mode in which a thing exists, acts, or manifests itself;

Form. Makes sense yes? So lets study some recent form.


The Coalition claimed that it was going to STOP THE BOATS! This is an outright lie. His policy was never aimed at stopping the boats. It was aimed at stopping the count of the people on the boats to be included as asylum seekers. A policy made here can not stop someone somewhere else from getting into a boat if they feared for their lives.

He claimed that John Howard had stopped the boats. Um not quite Tony. John managed to stop the stats. He also had wonderful luck! If you call it that. The Bali bombing immediately put Indonesia on the world map. Even the United States became interested. It effectively curtailed the smuggling business.

But just as it seemed the smugglers could start again, a Tsunami hit South East Asia. It was enough for the United States to send in an air craft carrier with its sophisticated long range radar systems into the area. The ship stayed there till 2005. As soon as it left, and despite the Howard policies in place, the boats started coming again.

Form conclusion? Strong on rhetoric. Weak on truth.


The  Coalition claimed it was going to restore the budget surplus by cutting government waste an by … oh wait. I’ll let them say it themselves. Remember this classic?

I like how stopping the boats slipped into the economic message and was even more important than health and education! Again though, we have some interesting form problems here. We discovered that the Coalition was in fact a big fan of reckless spending!

Here! Here is a hospital! All for you! We’ll get the money somewhere!

And when that failed, he then tried to do the same thing on the other independents. We know that Bob Katter, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor was offered a 9+ billion dollar rural/regional plan but we also know that the Coalition offered much much more. So much for their claim to reduce spending.

Add to that the revelation that the Coalition costings were out by between 7-11 billion dollars already and you begin to see a problem. The total collective list of promises that had rattled up to around 95 billion during the election could now really be considered 102-106 billion. Chuck in a billion for the hospital as Tony Abbott claimed that if he became Prime Minister, he was going ahead with his promise to Wilkie so that takes it too 103-107 billion. With an addition of somewhere between 10 billion to maybe 15?? billion he had promised the rural independents (remember his offer was much bigger than Julia’s as attested by all three independents) and the total budget of this so called responsible and less wasteful party now came to  some between 113-117 and even 118-122 billion.

The ALP promises had come to around 56 billion during the campaign. Add the extra 10 billion and that’s around 66 billion. The big problem here for the Coalition is there was only ever around 120 billion in the kitty to spend. They knew this. In other words they were planing to either back peddle on many many promises or they were prepared to bankrupt the country for the chance to govern.

And lets not even start with the claims made by the Coalition in regards to getting the costings fully audited by Howarths or the claim that NATSEM gave them the okay. Two big fat eggs that are smeared in their faces. Howarths themselves revealed that there was no auditing. And NATSEM revealed that the Coalition had not talked to them at all.

Form conclusion? Strong on video production. Weak on truth, honesty, fiscal responsibility and acting(Joe, you really need to learn what to do with your hands).


So you probably are wondering why I started this post as we all know this already right? Well it comes to a matter most recent in the headlines. A case of he says she says.

She says she invited Tony to come with her to Afghanistan. He says I got jet-lag. Then he said I chose my words wrong. Finally he said I got a trip planned.

According to Tony and the Coalition, he planned this trip on September 7th. Yes. Because the day you find out that you failed to be PM is the time you start planning trips overseas. He claims to have planned to embed himself with the troops because we all know he is an action man and his presence at the front would have inspired our troops to a North Korea like victory. Tony Abbott even had the gall to call what Julia Gillard did as ‘low bastardry’.

The man who brought you the STOP THE BOATS claim; the man who cried fiscal responsibility; the man who cried lowering interest rates; the man who cried reduced prudent government spending has the gall to use the word bastardry in a sentence.

Tony Abbott cries you have to believe me. Unfortunately his recent form belies that.

Believe it or not. Action Abbott might want to audition for a remake of this.

A. Ghebranious    2010         All Rights Reserved

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