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Men/Women Behaving Badly


The Testosterone Excuse

I could start this article about the drug scandal a certain AFL player turned into a successful take home and gift for Christmas DVD. Or I could discuss the drug scandal of a certain NRL player and even add allegations of racists slurs and quietly ignore both and allow him to continue as a “respected” commentator on national TV.

I could start the article about a certain NFL player that turned his alleged domestic violent murderous attack on his ex-wife into innocence. Or I could discuss the recent murder of a ex-NBA player and the shady circumstances of money and greed.

I could talk about my own encounter with a certain footballer now turned coach who was enjoying his alcohol immensely at a nightclub that had a RESPONSIBLE SERVICE OF ALCOHOL poster hung up behind the bar, but it did not seem to stop the flow of drinks going his way. I only noticed these things and processed them much later as in my fan crazed state I was more concerned by getting his signature.

You see as luck had it that eve, I was the designated driver for my friends which allowed me to consume all the soft drinks I could handle offered by those who I was driving home.  We had a good night and I managed to escort them all to the car to begin the going home when I realised I had forgotten to pick up the coats and jumpers of said gang. So I returned to the nightclub to do so.

Conveniently, the bar was near the coat room; sort of like those stands packed with confectionery and designed to lure children and start arguments that continue from place of purchase to arriving home. And while I was waiting for the red eyed attendant to make out the numbers on the ticket under the low light and strobe filled room, I spotted the back of said player at the bar.

I took a look at the confused attendant and told her I would be right back and stepped over to shake the players hand. I approached and he was in the company of junior players from the same club: the warhorse showing the young colts how it was done I assumed.

I introduced myself when a break in the music allowed and told the player my admiration for him. After all, this was not just an ordinary player, but an Australian player and at one time captain. He looks me in the eye, staggers a little: that’s when I noticed his intoxicated state and despite being so, he was still being served.

As I said, he looks me in the eye and says:

“Fuck off you black cunt”.

And he laughed to his young body guards who obviously did not see the humour in what he said, but laughed mutedly to appease him as did the person serving them drinks. That’s when I noticed the sign re alcohol serving.

Now I don’t get tongue tied or lost for words too often, but I really was stunned. The whole gapping mouth thing. He promptly turned his back on me and resumed the destruction of his liver. I did not get to ask or pursued the autograph.

Obviously I have no idea how often the man must get hassled by fans.  Maybe I was the straw that broke the camels back. Who knows.

What really got me was the fact that a clearly grossly intoxicated man was still being served alcohol.

I figured it out later. Imagine you are an owner of a club. What better way to get people in said club to stay longer then they had hoped to and perhaps spend money on overpriced drinks than to have said player seen at the club’s entrance.

So do we have one set of rules for so called ‘heroes’ and another set of rules for the ordinary public? I am sure we do. I am also sure it works in reverse just as much with many willing to wait until one of the chosen falls off the pedestal. It sells papers. You don’t plaster the front page with a photo of an average citizen who faces a minor charge, but you do with those on the pedestal.

Likewise those on the pedestal are often lauded and given leeway on many things the lesser of us are usually denigrated for.

Such is how things work out. This idea of being one of the special is a strong factor in many that strive to make a name for themselves on that pedestal.

Problem is, they also think getting to that pedestal entitles them to a level of immunity from the human race.

It does not.

The powerhouses behind sporting bodies and the media houses attached to those love to paste montages of the feats of these men AND women. Yes, the testosterone factor happens to women too. The recent trial of a water polo player and the shocking revelations around her private life and the alleged murder of her own children is a prime example that this desire to get to the top is ruthless.

We all stop to point the finger and shake the head when we see a pedestal holder fall off. Some even laugh. Some even do not watch the pedestal huggers but wait for one to fall off. The same media comes to societies rescue of course and helps us not only applaud their victories, but help us rub their noses in it when they do not.

This of course takes nothing away from the responsibility these people must face when they defy the laws of the land. But we too must take some responsibility for raising them on high in the first place.

They maybe good at what they choose to do, but at the end of the day, they are just plain humans. Food in one hole. Excrement out another. They do not shit bricks of gold. They should not be pin ups or role models.

They are just good at what they do. Anybody can be that given that right thing that suits them. Problem is so many of us stop looking and live our dreams through others.

But what would happen if we are gods in our own world?

Does this mean we can be served alcohol till we are intoxicated to the point of incomprehensibility?  Does this mean we are entitled to sex or sexual advances? Does this mean we can take drugs and then make money out of it by selling DVDs? Does this make our stories any different or special from anyone elses?

If you believe the hype masters and the PR teams, these pedestal people are special. Of course they make a living by ensuring that we believe that. After all, when ever one on the pedestal falls, that means there is room now for another right? Like those lucky to be chosen by the computer in “Logans Run”.

All the happy people about to be executed.

Hmmm let me see.

<persons name> had a difficult childhood (chose one) <his/her parents split up><his/her parents died><his/her parents wanted to be a (sports person, politician, artist, movie star)><his/her parents were harsh><his/her parents where kind><his/her parents struggled to be able to afford things><his/her parents invested time><his/her parents had a tragedy><his/her had a diagnosis of some disease/illness/asthma>

blah bloody blah bloody blah.

Why do they keep selling us this crap? Because we continue to buy it.

And when you are on to a good thing, stick to it. At least until that it falls off the pedestal. Then lay in the boot.

A. Ghebranious   2010                  All Rights Reserved

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