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Confessions of a Blogger


I will try and keep this brief. I do not wish to boor you.

I have smoked cigarettes.

I have smoked marijuana and have even inhaled.

I have had drink driving offences and have even lost my license for three years.

I have had sex with women I have barely known.

I have paid for sex.

I have coveted the wives and girlfriends of my friends.

I have sworn at and even wished my parents were dead.

I live with my parents.

I am over 40 years old and unmarried.

I have lied to my friends.

I have lied to those who are not my friends.

I waste my time at pokie machines.

I have hit my friends.

I have held grudges and one I feel contributed to one’s suicide.

I am of middle east appearance.

There is probably more. Much more. But I thought I better get in before James Massola and the weight of the Murdoch press get in just in case I write something that makes them look like idiots.

Which reminds me of yet another confession.

I am NOT GrogsGamut.

This last confession is the most embarrassing to me. I can not be considered close to this man. It shames me I have to mention his pseudonym in this blog and attempt to link myself to him. I can not. I am unmarried.I do not have children let alone a child that has a disability. I can not know what it is like to be loved by one that I have sired with full sheer and utter unqualified love.

But I do blog. And I chose to do so without using a mask because I have no one that I need to protect.

When Mr Massola chose to write a story exposing Grog, and I will continue to call him by the name he chooses to be called, I was angry.

How dare could this man use his power to do what he did? It angered me further to discover that he did not in any way attempt to discredit Grog’s blog and instead chose to expose him because he could and he had the power and resources of a multinational company to do so.

If he attempted to discredit what Grog had to say, then that was one thing. If he discovered blatant errors in his blogs then sure, fire away. I am sure my own blogs and analysis are full of errors as I do not have the resources to make sure I have the facts. I rely on the information that I can get my hands on to formulate my opinions. I do not have the patience or the skills of yourself Mr Massola or Grog or any in the journalistic field.

But I can write. And I have a computer. And I have a brain. And I can and will continue to express myself.

You can not hurt my family any more than I have already. And you can not discredit me more than I already have discredited myself.

It should be easy for you to do searches on me Mr Massola. I have a unique name. I am proud of my uniqueness, but it is no more the pride you have for yours or others have for theirs.

You can not do anything to hurt me more than I have done  to myself.

Now I could launch an open attack on yourself, but I will not do so. I can not do so. How can I point out the speck in your eye when I carry my own logging company in mine?

But do not relax. I can comment on what you say. It is my right to do so as an Australian. In fact, I feel it is an obligation that I must do so. Likewise, if I agree with you, I must also say this. Why?

Because like you Mr Massola; like Grog; I am an Australian and I have the right to an opinion.

And the reason I will not attack you for no reason Mr Massola is like you; like Grog; I am human.


If you prick us, do we not bleed?” – Shakespeare MERCHANT OF VENICE

This maybe a little arrogant of me because I have not asked for the man’s permission to write this nor have I met or know the man personally. Still….

For Grog.

A. Ghebranious     2010   All Rights Reserved

  1. Pip permalink

    I liked your point that Massola did not criticise the actual writings of Grog. How could he do that without highlighting to readers of the Oz the very reasons why some of us much preferred Grogs account of what was in the papers and the way it was reported.

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