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Its the year of the bird I tell ya!


[I started to write this yesterday morning and never published it out of fear. Never be afraid of fear.]

“Never be afraid of fear. Fear is a feeling. You feel hot. You feel cold. You feel afraid. Feelings can not kill you”  – ‘Chuin’ From Remo: Unarmed and Dangerous (the movie)

God I hope the Tigers don’t make me look like an idiot… again. I actually tipped Canberra to beat them last week!

[addendum: St George defeated the Tigers 13-12]

Anyway, no offence to the Tigers, but it would work out better if you lost to the Saints tonight as it will take away from a beautiful lyrical sense of reality.

You see it would mean that not only Collingwood  is up against St Kilda [addendum DRAW!!!! 68-68 do it all again next week!], but the Roosters will be up against Saint George.

And early this year we had an election with a bird up against an Abbott, albeit not a saintly one.

Its the year of the bird I tell ya!

It just makes sense. You know it does!

A. Ghebranious     2010             All Rights Reserved

Okay. Magpies did their part and won. But the roosters got plucked by the dragons.

Technically though, reptiles are related to the avian genus! So… okay I am clutching at straws…

I’m so semi-shattered… two out of three is still better than most psychics though 🙂

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