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From Contender to Pretender


,Tony Abbott could have been a contender. Instead it looks like he will be a pretender.

Whoever Tony Abbott is getting advice from in regards to what he is doing, he should rethink his next drink.

It is now possible that Tony Abbott’s slender 1 vote lead that he used to gain the leadership of the Liberal Party has shrunk and Australia can finally see the return of the honourable man he replaced as leader of the Opposition. There is report of unrest not only in their minor coalition partner, the Nationals, but a deep resentment deep within his own party.

It is still a little obscure. Alex Somlyay will be contesting within the Liberal party meeting room we are told to seek the position of the Deputy Speaker. If this happens, then you can pretty well be sure that many National party members will be annoyed. Especially since only this week, several National party heavy weights have reinstated their belief that a National Party member should be speaker. The Canowindran News only three days ago announced:

”The convention has always been the Nationals will put up the Deputy Speaker,” a Nationals source warned yesterday. ”To change that now would cause enormous instability in the Coalition, which is the last thing Tony Abbott would want.”

The Nationals want Bruce Scott, currently the Second Deputy Speaker, to take the lead role for the Coalition.

Ahh  tradition! Wherefore art thou? I remember tradition! Tradition used to be when you make an agreement, sign it, and then uphold your word. As the world moves to a more paperless environment Mr Abbott, your seem to be running out of aces. You already told Australians that you sometimes say things that are not true. Now it appears not only does your word mean nothing, neither does your bond.

It’s over for you Mr Abbott. Your word is worthless, and now, so is your signature. I’m only guessing here, but have you been getting advice from Andrew Robb? Seriously man. What part of 11 billion dollar black hole do you not understand?

A. Ghebranious   2010       All Rights Reserved.


  1. i am addicted to farmville

  2. Great post! I want you to follow up to this topic!?


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