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Why I love twitter… maybe too much!


There I was happily tweetting away yesterday while watching the mighty Roosters demolish the hopes of the Panthers and someone I was following popped on!

Mr Russell Crowe. Russell obviously was talking about his bands gigs next year.

He quothed….

    Theoretical first date is May 10th 2011 theoretical last date June 4th 2011.20 shows.

So since I was on the beers I replied

    @russellcrowe I thought you were married russell! What you doing going out on dates?

A dad joke without being a dad. I got no reply. And here I thought I was a punny guy. I returned to the game but left one eye on the feeds.

Then I saw a post from an adoring fan of Russells

    @KCat10: @russellcrowe Wow! How much fun is it to be a world-class movie star and a rockstar both?!

I could not resist. So I retweet with

    what ya asking Russell for? 🙂 RT @KCat10: @russellcrowe Wow! How much fun is it to be a world-class movie star and a rockstar both?!

I also added

    @russellcrowe That was a joke Rusty! Dont hit me!!!!

To which russell respoded with

    @ashghebranious It was your first funny one I’ll grant you.


He had read the dad joke! God bless ‘im! But wait.

Is he having a go? 🙂

A. Ghebranious   2010


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