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A Paradigm Is As Good As A Holiday


Twist. Schist. The raising of fists.

Shift. Rift. Time to adrift.

Time. Rhyme. Enter to chime.

Mell. Dwell. Just does not gel.

And now its time for a little news.

No news really, just confuse and reuse.

Knack. Flack.  Watch for the pack.

Drool. Fool. Unruly mule

Friend. Trend. Poll in the bend.

Hare. Pair. Watch for that stare.

And now there’s little time for news.

Plenty news really, but amuse and abuse.

Rouse. Mouse. Conflicts in Laos.

Axe. Pax. A search for the facts.

Affirm. Squirm. End of full term

Affection. Circumspection. Another election.

Welcome dear world to the new paradigm.

Tune for condensed version, about dinner time.

A. Ghebranious   2010             All Rights Reserved

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