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There Can Be Only One


Bob Katter has made his decision. Coalition is his choice.

So now there are two left. Which way they will fall? It will all be apparent soon.

Will Oakeshott and Windsor follow suit or not. I do not think so. There is a reason why he announced his decision without the others. If all three are to call it for Tony Abbott, then this would have been a joint announcement. The fact that it was not tells me otherwise.

Bob Katter told the others that was his decision this morning and apologised to them. The have not come out as a pack. It is no longer an issue of numbers. It will be which way they decide.

Now it is 74-74. But which way will the others choose?

The time is close at hand. My concern now is how any government can actually survive the full term with a 2 vote buffer.

A. Ghebranious          2010                                  All rights reserved

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