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Here Endeth The Lesson


Now the title of this post sounds arrogant. It is not meant to be. It sounds like I am gloating and it is not meant to be. When one lesson finishes, another begins.

We the people now have the responsibility. It is NOT limited to who we elect any more and it should never have been. Yes those who have been granted the gift of government will celebrate as is their want. And those denied that gift will mourn as is their want.

But I warn both sides, don’t you DARE take us for granted again. Don’t you DARE consider electorates as safe. Don’t you DARE forget this message we the people have delivered. And don’t you DARE lash out against those who we the people burdened with this decision.

I have hopes. I have dreams. As do we all. And any who wish to govern must fan those hopes and dreams and the time to slur and demean must end. This does not mean in any way that standing up to point out a problem is a slur or does it demean. In fact, it means you HAVE to point it out and let us know. But don’t do it to score points for political means. Instead, voice your concerns and let us take your concerns, if valid on board.

Having said that, I do watch and have seen the BBC LIFE series. I know we are fundamentally animals and our goal is to survive. But what I will not suffer to hear is that we are just animals. We are human beings. We live and love and hate and die like any other. We can be great and we can be perverse. We can rise and we can fall.

It is time, now, to rise. It is time to show our humanity. We will live and die as a nation based on our humanity and what we share together and not what divides us. Yes this will be difficult. And yes we will stumble and fall and hurt each other. But we will grow and we will continue. And we will survive.

Here endeth the lesson. Now here beginth a new one.

Schools out!!!

P.S: I am so happy, and no doubt some of you are, that I can now shut up for a while and let the political experts do the job they are paid to do ūüôā

P.P.S: Note Julia. If you stuff this up, I will be back. You can count on it.

P.P.P.S: To Mr Abbott. One learns only from failure. One never learns from success. This is the failure you had to have. Learn from it and you be stronger and better and that can only make our country greater

A. Ghebranious   2010                                 All Right Reserved

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