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The Whole Batty Truth


I had to really think before I wrote this because I know lives were lost and before I even start, my condolences to the families involved.  I refrained from making this comment before the election because of their tragic loss.

But its time to call a spade a spade.

 The governments pink batts program was NOT the problem. In fact, if anyone who did get the batts and can see a reduction in their heating usage from last year can already see that there is a huge gain here.

The problem was the power of greed. One of the reasons that the Coalition originally disliked the program was it basically gave big businesses already involved in batts laying clear favor. They argued that small business would be disadvantaged in that program. So the ALP changed their program to allow small business to compete equally. The reports of house fires and deaths are solely the responsibility of these enterprises. They did not train any of their staff, they hired unskilled labour and they rushed them into as many homes as possible to  make as much money as possible. It was these businesses that opted on inferior batts in some cases and also resulted in such blatant errors such as not cutting around down lights. It definitely was responsible for not training their staff in regards to live wiring.

When people talk about the batts program, never forget the tweak placed on it by the Coalition. Never forget the shortcuts taken by businesses. Never forget their attempts to maximise profits by minimising quality of both the product and the labour installing it.

By the time the shit had hit the fan, it was really too late. Already many flyby-nighters where involved and already the problems had been done. Small businesses that DID hire and properly train staff where now the losers in this all when the government had to just say that is enough. Many had already invested in the batts and were caught out as was the government by those who do not care about lives and only are interested in as much cold hard cash as they can get their hands on. That’s what really happened. And most of us already know that. 

Now attempt to lay the blame at the feet of one side of politics or even one politician or even one business.

Again. my deepest condolences to those that have lost loved ones and those that have lost properties.

A. Ghebranious      2010

  1. Phil permalink

    As usual you talk shit Ash.

    It wasn’t batts that caused most of fires. It was foil insulation.

    The government was warned (by experts in the industry) not to allow such material to be used before program started.

    When problems occurred Garrett told Rudd about his concerns but GVT chose to ignore advice from Minister. Subsequently more deaths occurred.

    Gillard herself has stated that “the insulation scheme was a disaster”. As we now know Garrett was sidelined and made scapegoat. Not sure why you would want to put a different spin on things?

    Shonky contractors or not, the buck has to stop somewhere. Under normal circumstances that buck rests with the people who administer. Why you refuse to have Government take their blame for this sorry episode is beyond me.

    Now we await the promise of roof inspection. Where is it? There are pensioners who go to bed every night not knowing if they’re going to wake up to a fire in their roof.

    • And again, it was not the batts program itself, but the folks that saw a quick way to make a buck that infiltriated and destroyed a program that was in itself benign. Yes, there was a problem. Perhaps the govt should have stuck to its resolve and demand the layers of the batts be qualified then there would be no problem. The original plan was to commisison the big guys and they could hire contractors. This was considered anti competitive by the Coalition, so they changed it. They should not have. But dont you dare blame anyone other than the guy who put the person up in the roof with no training whatsoever. And those company owners are being punished under the law. Yes people died. But there is blood on both hands here. And Pyne standing up and asking for heads disgusts me to this day.

      • Phil permalink

        You don’t seem capable of reading.


        Caps are for ease of reading not shouting.

        To somehow lay blame on a political party who asked for a fair go for small business is totally disingenuous.

        I happen to know a shonky who ran one of those installation companies. Luckily for him he didn’t cause any deaths or fires… so far! They were given permission to trade without any credentials being checked. They were getting paid for work never performed simply for sending in paperwork to government. It was a disgrace.

  2. rupy permalink

    Phil might as well be LNP as ‘his’ view is so bent one way, and completely devoid of any consideration of people hurt by this story. It’s just another hate campaign. Sad individual.

    The Government subsidised a program to instal insulation into ceilings. Insulation has been installed into ceilings (and walls as well, good old Phil), WAY before three years ago. The standards, rules, guidelines for the correct installation of insulation NO MATTER what type, were in place long before the global recession or the resultant ‘stimulus package’.

    Cheap arseholes, (otherwise to be applauded by good old Phil and the rest of the LNP for their entrepreneurial skills and business acumen), took shortcuts to make a quick buck. In so doing they more than happily put young lads at risk, and worse, they managed to take the lives of some of these precious souls and unequivocally destroy the lives of their loved ones FOR EVER.

    I’m a parent of kids aged right in the zone of these murderers, but for the life of me I can’t draw a line of responsibility for allowing untrained youths to follow unsafe practices (known about much much more than three years), back to the Labor Government. If they should have been more judicious in their licensing of shonks then THAT is the degree of their culpability, that they were too quick to enlist these ‘people’, but to suggest that the Government is responsible for the tragic loss of these lad’s lives is utter crap. The safety regulations were already in place, end of story.

    Bloody hell … what, if the Labor Government subsidised a courier service and then the courier got injured on the road it’s the Government’s fault, and the prevailing road rules don’t count, as the person injured is only on the road as a courier because of a stimulus package???? That’s a riduculous notion, as is the suggestion of culpability of the Labor Government regarding the terrible incidents that happened whilst installing Government subsidised insulation, batts or foil.

    Trouble is, ‘good old Phil’ just wants to politicise the tragedy just to make some mileage, well it won’t bring these kids back, all you’ve done is pedal a political agenda using a tragedy. Nice one ‘good old Phil’. You’re an utter tool, mate, and bereft of compassion.

    If this scheme had been implemented at ‘the coalface’ according to the prevailing regulations and building codes, AND everybody were happy, the LNP and ‘Phil the tool’, would be shouting that the insulation scheme was an LNP idea. Nauseating individual.

  3. rupy permalink

    C’mon Phil, more LNP propaganda?

  4. Scott permalink

    Phil hates the rorts so much, I wonder if he has reported the shonky guy he knows to the police?

  5. LessHype permalink

    If you want the Labor govt to be accountable in this situation then you should also make the Libs accountable for far more deaths.

    Only the Libs would stoop so low as to point score over the tragedy of lost lives.

    To labors credit they won’t even mention the Libs record

  6. Bilko permalink

    I concur completely with this article and have advocated on other blogs that the libs should also be hung out to dry for all the deaths that occurred during their watch. Labor should have hit back the day Abbott condemmed Garrett, and then sheeted the blame straight home to the “dodgy bros” large and small who tried to make a fast buck .

    I say identify them and then exclude them from any govn bus state or federal. And that goes for any future business that tries to rip off the taxpayer. Transparency is a very misused word these days .

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