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One Vote One Person


There has been recent stories in regards to polls conducted in the electorates of the three independents on whom they wish them to support. The poll is in of itself, disingenuous. 

You see the electorates of the Independents vote not for the nation as a whole, but just that electorate. The constituents of these electorates  had a poll only last Saturday called an ‘election’ and at that poll, the invested their support in these Independents. Their task also included their second preferences. That is it. They get no more say then any other and they do not decide what the Nation as a whole wishes.

In Australia we have a two-party preferred system. I didn’t invent it, so don’t blame me. This system is designed for just such situations. All constituents were asked to make not only a first preference, but several, just like the constituents of the Independents. We already have their say in the system. And when we compare all votes using a our two-party preferred mechanism, we get a view of what the Nation as a whole prefers.

It is to this figure and this figure alone that the Independents must heed. The reporting of polls etc are designed to bias viewpoints and do not in any way provide basis for their decisions.

A. Ghebranious

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