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Once upon a time in a place a lot closer than most of us would like to believe, a little boy called Odd was born. Odd was given his name by his loving parents who soon discovered that whereas most babies cried when they needed things, their child laughed.

“Very Odd”, said his father.
“Odd indeed”, said his mother.

And with that they looked into each others eyes, held each others hand, and knew the boy’s name should be Odd.

Odd learned to walk before he could crawl.
Odd loved vegetables.
Odd did not like watching television.
And Odd LOVED school.

Odd was ridiculed by the normal kids because he was, well, odd. But oddly enough Odd did not seem to mind. Which only made him more odd to them. As Odd grew and learnt and studied, he started to think of all these Odd questions.

“Why do people starve to death?”, he would enquire of his father and mother.

“Well..I…um…guess…its because they do not have enough food to eat”, his father replied as he sat in his favourite chair and did his favourite thing; reading.

“Cant they get more sent to them?”, he enquired.

“It’s complicated dear. Different countries are run by different people.”, his mother said as she sat in her favorite chair and did her favourite thing; knitting.

Odd took that on board as he sat in his favorite place; between his parents chairs, doing his favorite thing; thinking.

“Well, if we have more food than we need. And they are some people who do not have enough. I think it is odd that we don’t send them all the extra stuff instead of throwing it all away”, he concluded only as Odd could. His father and mother shared a look and a smile at how wonderfully odd their child Odd’s thinking was.

“Very Odd”, said his father with a smile to his wife.
“Odd indeed”, said his mother with a smile to her husband.

Odd had not seen the looks and the smiles. But he agreed.

He responded with his favorite saying, “You got to start somewhere”  and returned to his thinking about other odd things.

When Odd went to school one day, a girl called Jenny came up to him and kissed him. Just like that. How odd he thought. Soon Odd and Jenny were seen together a lot. Jenny was attracted to his oddness and he was attracted to her jennyness. They would talk and laugh and sing and smile and dance and cry and argue and scream and love each other so much that one day Odd found himself asking Jenny the oddest question.

“Would you marry me?”, he suddenly blurted one day in a rather odd moment on a rather odd day.

Jenny looked at Odd and smiled as she used his favorite saying.

“You got to start somewhere”.

Odd and Jenny married and Odd’s parents were very proud. They had thought that no one normal would want to be with their beautiful boy. They found Jenny brilliantly normal as were her very normal parents and her very normal friends. Yet there she was holding the hand of her now husband and smiling to him in the same way they would smile at each other.

“Very Odd”, said his father choking back a tear.
“Odd indeed”, said his mother dampening her tears with her kerchief.
They then both giggled as they both said at the same time. “You got to start somewhere”.

Now Odd was married, he discovered he needed a job. He looked into the newspapers and found a job he really liked and off he went. Odd’s first and only interview was odd even by Odd standards. His employer-to-be listened as Odd sat and spoke about his odd ideas for what he thought his boss-to-be should do with his business. Odd told him about how the planet could be saved and how with some planning food could be distributed to the poor and the starving and how the different people ruling the different countries could be made to get together and how he we could put all the clever scientists together with all the clever maker of things and how they can make clever scientific things for all.

“That sounds great Odd”, said the man who was to become his boss, “but we sell shoes”.

“You got to start somewhere” said Odd.

Odd started selling shoes that very day. And every time someone came in to buy a pair of shoes, Odd would talk to them about his odd thoughts. Odd became one of his bosses greatest salesmen. He sold people lots of shoes, and people who did not need shoes would come in to buy more shoes just so they can listen to Odd and his odd ideas. Very shortly after that, someone suggested that Odd run for President. Odd did not understand why anyone would vote for him, but he agreed. He also found it very odd that running for President required very little running indeed.

It seemed all “running for President” involved was he would go somewhere and he would talk his odd thoughts and his odd plans to all those there and that was it. The first meeting was in a room. The second meeting was in a town hall. The third meeting was in a stadium. It seemed all the odd things that Odd said, the normal people liked a lot. Odd became President and very soon began the task of changing the world. What Odd had not considered was there some who liked the world exactly as it was.

Odd did not see the man who shot him as he talked one day to people about his odd thoughts.

Odd was buried in his home town. His wife Jenny refused to wear black which everyone thought was odd and therefore were very happy with her decision. All the normal kids had grown into normal adults and now mourned at their loss of Odd. And although Odd had never liked watching TV, TV liked watching him and so many cameras crowded around the funeral procession. His mother and his father were so shocked their hair had turned white overnight and they could not understand why anyone would kill their son.

Odd’s gravestone only had four words on it.

Very Odd.
Odd indeed.

In another part of the world, another mother and father smiled and held hands as they watched their newborn doing odd things.

A.Ghebranious     2010                            All rights reserved

One Comment
  1. Wow! I did not know that there was another book about a guy called Odd lol

    No offense intended to the original writer whose link is on this page.

    Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman

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