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If Pictures Paint A Thousand Words…


Here is my 3000+ word quota for the weekend. All are from a series of Photos entitled “Signs”. Obviously I suck at measuring light and focusing! All photos taken on an old SLR camera with black and white film and I developed and exposed the shots myself. It was in my arty farty phase circa 2003-2005

1) Cultural Headgear. Lots of talk about what people wear on their heads. I asked this guy if I could take the snap of him and in the background, got a second example of Cultural Headgear. Might need to click the photo to see the full shot.

2) We tend to do to signs what we do to visionaries; put them on a pedestal and then warp them to our political views. It seems this sign has been told to keep its left leanings to itself.

3) Snapped this one in the dimness of dusk. Its original message in this light is obscured by the messages scrawled over it.

Okay. Promise to get back to more word for a little bit 🙂

A. Ghebranious             All Rights Reserved

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