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Goodbye Dear Friend


I found out this afternoon that an old friend of mine committed suicide last month.

Fuck it made/makes me angry! It made/makes me angry not only at him and the stupidity of it all, but it angered me that I had been blissfully unaware. You see around 14 years ago at a party, I got drunk, let my mouth and fists shoot off as I can do so easily, and I destroyed the friendship.  I had never seen him again since that event. I can really keep a grudge.

I don’t want to cheapen his memory for those who maintained the friendship by eulogizing him, for if truth be known, I was not there for him and have no idea about the circumstances of his decision. It is not my place.

I can tell you I have regrets.

I was going to write an article about suicide and somehow make amends with words what I did not do with actions. I find myself unable to do so. Not because I can not find the words, but because they come too late for him and they will not change the fact that he is gone.

I will just leave this link. 

We are fragile beings. It is out duty to care for one another. In memory of my friend do this for me. Call someone in your life you had not talked to for a while and talk to them.

Thank you.

My condolences to his family and his true friends that were in his life when I could not.

To Lex. I swear to you I’m gonna kick your fucking arse when I get up there. I ain’t in any hurry to get there, but when I do, I swear it.

A. Ghebranious

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