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The Danger Ahead For Both Major Parties


It is obvious to all that for either party to form a minority government, there is going to have to be a lot of changes to each parties policies.

If however the change is dramatic, then there can really be no choice but to send us back to the polls. We the people went to an election based on the policies as presented by both parties. Any major change to those policies would be a betrayal to the electorate.

People voted less on party lines and more on the issues at hand. If we now have presented with a government that is no longer representing what they offered to us during the campaign, then a new election is the only option available.

So the key thing for both sides is to make as minor changes as possible if at all. Anything else would make the government that is formed at odds with the electorate and can not justify claiming a mandate.

A. Ghebranious 2010 All Rights Reserved

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