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The Election of the double dissillusioned


Well the votes are in for the Federal Election in Australia for 2010. And the result is clear. That is there is nothing clear about the politics of Australia.

The incumbent Govt went to an election after what was seen by all or rather reported to all as a coup’de’tat. The winner, Juliea Gillard, emerged promising to move Australia forward.  The leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, who had also gained his leadership from his own coup, had promised Australia an action contract.  Neither have succeeded.

Julia Gillard can only move Australia forward by relying on the crutch provided by the greens and independents and Tony Abbott appears to be unable to deliver any of his Action Contract points at all if he needs the same crutch.

So what does this mean? The biggest impact is the vote of the Greens. A party that many had considered a fringe group, now finally comes to the fore as a legitimate power.  Independents who had been used by both major parties in the past as cannon fodder are now the gunpowder. The age of the two-party system has come to an end.

Many commentators have pointed out the last hung government of Australia in 1940 and try to use this as a basis. But there is no world war going on here. There are no men and women on the frontlines and out of reach of a ballot box here. This is a new and exciting event.

The cards are still up in the air and many are yet to hit the floor. But the one thing the major parties should take out of this is the electorate of Australia no longer buys the hype and spin  of either.

If the elected members truly believe in their task of improving the lives of all Australians and their constituents, then there will both have to do a lot fo pride swallowing and start to work together rather than continue in an endless saga of bitterness and vitriol.

I sincerely hope this is the case. I sincerely hope the end of the powerbrokers is nigh. And I sincerely hope that those elected to the seats of government vote with their hearts and minds and not the ideology and deceit of the ‘party’.

Sleep well Australia. We need all our facilities to finally take that giant leap forward.

A. Ghebranious

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