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Angry Poetry



I was driving home from a concert that I had gone to when I was a mere slip of a lad. It was the type of concert that made you feel really good that you found yourself more awake after the concert than you had anticipated. I lived in Canberra then. And TV stopped at a certain time and radio stations played the same few songs on cyclic repeat.

So when I got home I could not settle down. I thought I would put on a CD and maybe a little reading. I turn on the radio and I catch the a news report in mid stream.

The IRA , when I was young, was HUGE in the press. But they had (I thought) by this time had come to some form of stable peace. Scores however were still being settled. The report talked about a retired british officer who had been killed by a bomb that was placed in a tap. See, this guy was in his late 80s and his one joy was walking out to his garden, sitting in his chair and turning on the water and watching his garden grow. But when he turned the tap on this time, he stopped growing.

So much anger. And I was still in so much euphoria post the concert. And somewhere between what I heard and what I felt, I penned this.
I hope it disturbs you as much as it did me when I wrote this in 1990.

Here link of me singing it. Recorded on the 26th September, 2010.


Come join the IRA

We’ll make a man of YOU today

We’ll show you how to make a molotov

We’ll show you how to blow a head clean off.

Social Democracy

Packed with just enough TNT

Will help us gain our liberty

And we’ll be free.

Come Join the IRA

We’re gonna kill an MP today

And for a little bit of fun

We’ll take out a catholic nun.

Now the lives we waste are not the stake

And calling us terrorists will only make

Your streets a target for a boom

And every car a possible tomb.

Come join the IRA.

We’ll show you the way.

To ever lasting peace.

We just need to kill one more  priest.

A. Ghebranious All Rights Reserved

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